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  September 29, 2020 


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Missions - Keller

The Kellers:  Zach and Jane, Miah, Avery, Tov

Zach and Jane Keller have served in the Philippines with New Tribes Mission, which works principally with unreached people groups.  They have been supported by Scenic Park Bible Church beginning in 2009.  The Kellers have returned to Alaska and are preparing to end their New Tribes Mission service on September 30 of this year, 2020.  They have expressed their appreciation for SPBC's years of support. 

Please pray that Zach will be able to find work.  This is a really interesting time for them, and flying jobs are pretty scarce right now.  Pray that the Lord will provide the right job at the right matter what it is, but preferably a flying job.  They feel extremely blessed to have some months of flexibility until September.

Zach and Jane both grew up in Alaska.  They met and started dating in high school and got married after they attended separate colleges for a year.  After they were married in 1998, they began pursuing their dream of serving with mission aviation by moving to Michigan, where Zach enrolled at the School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT) in order to get his A&P mechanic’s license.  After one year in Michigan they moved back to Alaska and Zach started working as a mechanic.  While working as a mechanic, he also chipped away at his flight ratings, flying as often as he could, whenever he could afford it.

During those five years, the Lord blessed them with three beautiful, healthy children.  They got caught up in “life,” and struggled to keep their vision of mission involvement, and the Lord gave them the faith to trust Him with their future.  They sold their house and used the money to support themselves as they began their first year of training.

The Lord has faithfully provided for them and has deepened their passion for reaching people that have never heard the good news of the Gospel.  During Zach’s flight training in Arizona with New Tribes Mission Aviation, they learned that the Philippines has the biggest need for pilots.  Since they were interested in the Philippines anyway, the decision to head that direction was easy.

Their departure for the Philippines was delayed for a few months so Zach could get his helicopter license.  New Tribes Mission Aviation is hoping to use helicopters more and more because they eliminate the need to build airstrips (airstrips can take up to three years of hard work to build) and the fuel is more cost effective and easier to acquire.

What gives Zach and Jane their passion for tribal missions is the fact that these people have no concept of a loving heavenly Father.  Some of the people in the Philippines have no access to a Bible that they understand and no access to a church to learn about the Savior.  In America we are blessed with a church on nearly every corner, but that’s not true in much of the world.  Zach’s talents and abilities are not ones that can be used effectively in teaching and linguistics, but with aviation.  Zach and Jane will have a very direct impact on the spread of the gospel as they transport NTM translators, church planters and indigenous evangelists and preachers.

New Tribes Mission ministers among unreached people groups.  In 2500 of the world’s 6500 people groups, there is no church, nor is there any work being done to establish a church.  NTM exists as a tool for the local church.  Tribal evangelism is complex and requires a large group of people to handle the details of working in a foreign country with isolated people groups.  Since it is too big a job for most local churches, NTM exists to help the church accomplish this task we all share.

Zach and Jane are amazed at how the Lord has directed them and worked in their lives so they could be used by Him as He has.

Zach and Jane Keller
4501 E. Foxtrot Avenue
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

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