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June 24, 2008
Motion Detection

I was contemplating the fact that there are motion-sensor lights in some of the rooms at church.  If someone is in one of those rooms and is moving, the light's sensor detects the motion and keeps the light on. But if that person is motionless long enough, the light may go off, plunging the room and its occupant into total darkness.  I mean black darkness that feels thick!  Yet it doesn't take much to activate the light; just a flick of a hand or some slight movement that the sensor can detect will light the room again.

I wonder how much spiritual motion we must make to get a response from God.  Psalm 139:2 indicates He is aware of every distant thought of mine, and understands it thoroughly.  The New Testament says in several places that Jesus, “…knew their thoughts…” before they spoke.

I think God responds to the slightest movement of our spirit, to deliver us from darkness and into His light.  Confidence that He will hear and respond frees me from trying to fit my heart-felt issues into some formalized prayer or some pre-programmed format for contacting Him.  He has made Himself accessible to us, and responds to every motion we make.

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