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Missions - Hiskey

John and Rachel Hiskey

John and Rachel Hiskey are missionaries in the West African country of Guinea Bissau. They created their missions organization, Servants to Missions, to facilitate bringing the Gospel to that country by training and encouraging local pastors and missionaries. John is a cousin of Nora Firmin, and we began supporting the Hiskeys in prayer in 2008.   

John was a member of the first Guinea-Bissau missions team in 1992 shortly after the Cuban soldiers abandoned the country. During this trip, the first Christian school was constructed on the Youth With A Mission base in Gabu. In subsequent years, he returned on numerous short mission trips to assist in the work of the first churches. Now there are eleven churches preaching the gospel. Indeed, the seed planted in 1992 has sprouted and the "harvest is ready!"

For this reason, John and Rachel left their home in Washington state in 2002 to live full time in Guinea-Bissau. John had been a cross-country trucker in the states and is a qualified airplane pilot and mechanic. Through his ranching-farming background and his life-work, he knows how to fix things and keep them working, a must on the African frontier.

Rachel served as a social worker and counselor several places before the Lord placed her on an American Indian reservation. Her cross-cultural training and experiences helped her to establish home skills classes with local women in Africa, giving her great opportunity to share the gospel.

Life is hard in Guinea-Bissau. The Gabu base is fifteen hours cross-country to the nearest trustworthy medical facility. John and Rachel must trust the Lord for their daily health and existence. Although rice, pinto beans, and other basic staples are available locally, John drives to Dakar, Senegal once a month to do banking, get mail and to buy needed items. The local churches the Lord has established under their care are within a fifty mile radius, but some take six hours travel to reach. Telephones are few and far between and often don't function, and the closest access to the Internet is two hundred miles away.

The most urgent need is for the Hiskeys' personal support, and funds for a vehicle of adequate size to transport supplies and mission teams to the more remote villages. John is praying that the Lord provide a private airplane for their ministry. Also, three short-term mission teams are forming to put a ham radio and other small radio stations in remote villages, to repair missionary vehicles, and to provide mosquito abatement for the control of malaria.  Rachel is thoroughly convinced that prayer is THE most important part of missions work, and is glad we participate in their support.

John and Rachel Hiskey
P.O. Box 178
Hunters, WA 99137

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