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Activities - Knik Valley
Knik River Valley

Several glacier streams run into this valley. There are sand dunes, lots of riverbed to ride on, and the area changes every week. Knik Glacier at the end of the valley is six miles wide and up to a thousand feet deep.  ATV's can only make it to the face of the glacier in the early spring or late fall because of high water conditions.

Knik River Valley

Air-conditioned breakfast

A few of the men and their sons get the morning fire going. Some lazy heads are still in their tents!  After breakfast we will get organized and then head out to see if we can make it to the face of the glacier.

Ride on the trail or stream? Which?

Hey! Do you want to ride on the trail or in the stream?!
Tent teamwork

How many Christians does it take to put up a tent??
Chocolate moose
Moose, bear, mountain goats, and Dall
 sheep are often seen in the valley.
Northern lights create dazzling curtains
The northern lights make a beautiful display
over the glacier in the early morning hours.

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