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Robyn Wilk

Robyn Wilk serves as Branch Director of South Florida of the Jews for Jesus ministry.  She first came to Scenic Park Baptist Church around twenty years ago, when she gave a 'Christ in the Passover' presentation in 1996, and the church has been supporting her since February 1997.

She heads up the South Florida branch of Jews for Jesus, having served there since May 2011.  When she came to Florida, she served alone for two years.  Her task was to rebuild the work of that branch.  Now they have a small team there engaging in Jewish evangelism.

She is a Jewish believer in Jesus who got saved when she was nineteen years old.  She grew up in a Conservative Jewish home in New York, relocating to Kansas with her family at age twelve.  At Wichita State University, a Christian roommate told her that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah.  After asking God to show her the truth, even though she did not want the truth to be Jesus, she came to believe that Jesus is the Messiah.  In the late 1980s, God called her to be a missionary at a church missions conference.  She was reluctant, but she answered His call for her life.

When she completed a master's degree in music from the University of Michigan, she joined the Liberated Wailing Wall, Jews for Jesus' music and drama team, where she sang, played flute, and served as the music director.  Before coming to Florida, she spent five years directing the Jews for Jesus missionary training program in New York City, and before that, twelve years working in the San Francisco branch where she formed and led the “Jews for Jesus Singers” team, a local version of the Liberated Wailing Wall, and ultimately led the San Francisco branch.  While on staff, she went to Fuller and Western Seminary and received a master’s degree in Missiology with an emphasis on Jewish Studies.

She spends her time sharing the gospel with Jewish people, both one-on-one and through literature distribution.  She also teaches a weekly Bible study for Jewish believers and seekers, speaking in churches on the Jewish roots of their faith, and supervises Jews for Jesus' work in South Florida.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her unbelieving family and especially her six-year-old nephew, Jonah.  She prays for their salvation, and hopes her time with them will make a difference.  Her dog, Moxie, is a great companion which she has had now for thirteen years.

Please continue to pray for her family’s salvation, and for her health.  She continues to battle a debilitating condition that affects her joints, ligaments, and tendons.  Please also pray that God will bring to the Florida Branch more unbelieving contacts to whom they can minister.

Robyn Wilk
6410 NW 41st Street
Coral Springs, FL 33067

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