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Missions - Sheahan

David and Anne Sheahan

David and Anne Sheahan have been missionaries with Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) since 1990.  Although Scenic Park Bible Church has supported them in prayer since 1991, our financial support for them began in 2000.

David was born in Wisconsin on a farm, began following Christ during his first year at the University of Wisconsin, studied at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School near Chicago, Illinois, and first went to Alaska in 1988.  Anne was born in Palmer, saw her need for Christ and believed while in grade school, worked as a nurse in Glennallen and in Anchorage, and married David in 1989.

God drew David and Anne to missions independently.  A quiet sense persisted in each of them that nothing was more valuable, nor more enjoyable and satisfying, than spending their lives telling people about Christ.  By God’s grace they have been doing that with OMF International in Thailand.  They welcomed their three sons, Mark, Phillip, and Thomas, now grown, into the world while there.

After learning the Thai language, David and Anne have given themselves mostly to the ministry of evangelism, church planting, and discipleship.  From 1991 to 1999 they lived in Phichit, a town in central Thailand about 175 miles north of Bangkok.  When they returned after their year-long furlough in 2000, they were temporarily in charge of a missionary retreat center until May 2001.  From then until their next furlough in 2005, they worked with Thai Christians in the city of Nakon Sawan, first attempting to plant a new church in the city, but ultimately assisting with the start of a new church in a village twenty minutes from the city.

In 2006 the Sheahans moved to the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai.  There they worked on a church planting team with a Thai man and his wife, establishing a small group of believers.  Beginning in 2010 David joined the ministry of teaching future pastors at a Thai seminary in Chiang Mai.  Most recently, in September 2015, David and Anne moved back to a ministry of evangelism and church in the central region of Thailand.

The Sheahan’s current ministry is divided between four locations.  In the city of Lopburi, where they live, they are building friendships and sharing the gospel within the context of those friendships.  Less than half of one percent of the population in Lopburi and surrounding area are Christians.  In three nearby towns, Prabaht, Lamnarai, and Wiset, there are three small and struggling churches.  David and Anne are walking alongside them, teaching, preaching, and encouraging as the congregations trust God to bring revival to them.

Please pray for the Sheahans that God will use them to share the truth of the gospel effectively, whether with Buddhists who have never heard, or with Christians who are struggling in their faith.  Pray that they will be bold, compassionate, clear, and anointed by the Holy Spirit as they communicate.

David & Anne Sheahan
P.O. Box 58,
Lopburi 15000, Thailand

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