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Missions - Martin
Gordon and Sue Martin

The Martins:  Gordon and Sue,
Andrew, Michael, Nathaniel

Gordon and Suzanne Martin have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1990. They have been supported by Scenic Park Bible Church, first with prayer during 2005 and then with finances beginning in 2006. Their first association with Scenic Park Bible Church came when Sarah Bellville met them in Oregon and asked to receive their newsletters.

Gordon grew up in a Christian home mostly in Oregon. Sue grew up in Ontario, Canada and became a believer during her first year of university, largely due to the radical change in her parents as they met Jesus in mid-life. Gordon's call to mission work was gradual as he became a believer at a young age, whereas Sue's call came as soon as she met Christ. This led them to both seek training with Wycliffe Bible Translators at the same time.

Gordon and Sue met in Dallas, Texas while both were pursuing a master's degree in linguistics for their overseas work. They have three grown boys: Andrew (1991), Michael (1993), and Nathaniel (1996). Andrew was born in Canada before his parents left for French school in France. Michael was born there in France, and Nathaniel was born in Ontario, Canada following the family’s first term of service in Africa. Andrew and Nathaniel are currently living in Prince George, BC where they work, and Michael is in Abbotsford, BC where he is working and completing a history/English degree.  Michael would also like to teach.

From 1994 until 2005 the Martins were assigned to work with the Sokoro people of Chad in the central part of Africa. During their years with the Sokoro people, the Martins helped them to create an alphabet uniquely suited to their language and began literacy and Bible translation work among them.

During 2004, the Martins felt that God was calling them to return to Canada. In April 2005, after publishing the Gospel of John, they left national translators to continue the work of translation. Gordon now works as a software developer for Wycliffe, specializing in applications for language development. Sue teaches the Bible in several contexts, volunteers at the local soup kitchen, and generally helps many needy people where they live in Hope, BC.

The programs that Gordon is helping to create facilitate the work of Wycliffe members on the field.  They help with tasks in linguistic analysis, translation, and literacy.  His field experience has proved very helpful in understanding the needs of the workers that are using the various pieces of software.

Having worked in Africa fighting illiteracy, Sue is now fighting biblical illiteracy in North America by teaching Bible study methods and helping people dig into God's Word to find the nuggets of truth that God has for them.

Pray for wisdom and understanding for Gordon as he tackles complex programming problems. Praise God that he enjoys this job so much. Pray that Sue's Bible studies will encourage those new to Bible study to grow closer to Him.  Pray that Gordon and Sue will be an encouragement to others, both at work and at church and in the community.

Pray for the Sokoro Bible translators that the Lord would encourage them as they translate His Word and provide for them and their families in a very challenging (Muslim) environment.

Gordon and Sue Martin
P.O. Box 1205
Hope, BC VOX 1L0

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