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Missions - Lizarazu

The Lizarazus:  Eric and Emily,
Benjamin, Lydia, Ellie, Julia, Andrew

Eric and Emily Lizarazu live in Cochabamba, Bolivia and work at Camp Kewina. The camp is jointly owned by SIM and the UCE church (evangelical), and has been active for more than 20 years. They are on a four year trial to see if the camp can be independent from the mission and fully Bolivian-owned.  The Lizarazus are sent by the Alliance Bible Church of Anchorage.

Eric has a degree in forestry and is currently working on purchasing a sawmill to harvest, work, and sell the wood on the camp property. The money this generates will then go into the camp programs. He is the site coordinator, and maintains the land and the buildings at camp and plans and runs camps of all sorts.

Emily helps by packing up the family and running to and fro. She also homeschools their children. She meets with neighbors and tries to encourage people around her.

Eric and Emily Lizarazu
Casilla 1181
Cochabamba, Bolivia

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