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Missions - Leman
Wayne & Elena Leman

Wayne and Elena Leman

Wayne and Elena Leman serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators; Wayne as a translation consultant and Elena as an assistant administrator. They have worked with the Cheyenne Indians of Montana and Oklahoma for thirty years, and continue to help them with further Bible translation as they request it.

Their association with Scenic Park Bible Church goes back to Wayne's childhood, when he visited SPBC with his parents, Nick and Marian Leman, when they went to Anchorage. The church has supported Wayne and Elena since 1975.

Wayne's mother went to Ninilchik as a missionary in the early 1940's. Wayne has wanted to be a missionary since he was about three years old. His interest in ham radio led him to consider missionary radio. His family hosted a Wycliffe missionary (Pat Cohen, from Anchorage) when he was a senior in high school and this led to Wayne’s change of focus to Bible translation during his freshman year at Moody.

Elena grew up in Mexico, the daughter of missionary parents, and she had an uncle serving in Wycliffe. But she didn't want to be a missionary just because her parents and uncle were missionaries.  She majored in mathematics during college, intending to teach. But the fall after she graduated from college, she received a Wycliffe publication whose title said, "Wycliffe needs mathematicians." The idea of using her ability in math to help people get God's Word into the heart language of people who would not otherwise know about Him, really grabbed her interest.

The Lemans’ family consists of four children, their spouses, and fourteen grandchildren. The four children are two sets of twins: the older twins are Karen and Esther and the younger twins are Deborah and James.

In October 1975, the Lemans moved to Busby, Montana, on the Northern Cheyenne reservation at the invitation of church leaders. They worked with the Cheyenne people to produce the Cheyenne Scriptures in print and in audio formats, videos of Luke and the Genesis Joseph Story dubbed with Cheyenne voices, reading material, a grammar book, and a dictionary. The dedication of the Cheyenne Scriptures occurred on January 27, 2007.

In October 2005, having completed most of their face-to-face work with Cheyenne people, they moved to Spokane, Washington, where Wayne finished editing the Cheyenne Scriptures and started work as a translation consultant. At this point he continues some work on Cheyenne, with his main responsibility being a translation consultant for other language projects, checking translations to make sure nothing is left out, nothing is added that shouldn't be there, and that each translation is clear and accurate.  He has checked the translations of ten language projects.  He currently checks the translations of the Crow (Montana), Manobo (Philippines), and an English translation developed as a translation resource called Translation for Translators (T4T).

Elena supervises the work of Pierre and Meggie DeMers and encourages them.  They were the Wycliffe missionaries in the Gwich'in (Alaska and Canada) translation team that has produced printed and audio formats of the Gwich'in New Testament.  They are now working with a First Nations people group in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

As you know, Elena has struggled with her health for some time now. Please continue to pray with them for healing and wisdom in carrying out her responsibilities.  Pray for Wayne to have wisdom as he continues his responsibilities as translation consultant. 

Pray for the Crow, Manobo, and other translation personnel to be able to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves in a timely manner.  Pray for the Cheyenne people to listen to God's Word in their own language and grow in their relationship to Him. 

Wayne and Elena Leman
4709 N. A Street
Spokane, WA 99205-5801

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