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Missions - Eager, Paul
Paul and Carlene Eager

The Eagers:  Paul and Carlene, Andrew, Aaron, Alaina

Paul and Carlene Eager are missionaries serving in two locations in Poland, Lubin and Legnica, with SEND International, which is based in Farmington, Michigan.  They have been supported by Scenic Park Bible Church since the beginning of 2000.

Paul's mother is Doris Eager, and so he is a brother of Karen Eager and Susan Buller.  He and his brother Phil and his sisters grew up in Irian Jaya, Indonesia where their parents were missionaries with TEAM for many years.  Carlene's parents were missionaries in the Philippines with SEND International.  Paul and Carlene both trusted Christ as children, and their individual call to be missionaries was heavily influenced by their respective parents.

Paul and Carlene met at Moody Bible Institute as students, where they both dedicated their lives for overseas missions.  Paul graduated with a degree in missions, and Carlene received a diploma and transferred to Cedarville College to complete her elementary education degree.  They married after graduating, and now have three children; Andrew (1997), Aaron (1999), and Alaina (2001), who was born in Poland.

After Carlene’s student teaching, the Eagers moved to Elkhart, Indiana where they served their local church in various capacities, as well as working full-time, in order to prepare for full-time missions work.  Fully supported, they arrived in Lublin, Poland on September 16, 2000.

Two weeks after they arrived, the Eagers started the task of learning the Polish language, and they studied Polish for two years - Paul full-time and Carlene part-time.  After reaching level three of five levels of the Polish language, they were able to move to Lubin, a town in the western part of Poland to begin their first church plant, serving with two other missionary families (one American, one Polish) in a small church called Emmanuel Christian Fellowship.  A coffee house and a language school ministry were started as ministries there.  The Eagers were also involved in the Baptist Church in Lublin.

After an eight-month home service, they returned to Lubin in March of 2005.  A Regional Impact Team with Polish partners was formed in Lubin, with the main task of planting an outward-focused reproducing church, and helping and encouraging other struggling churches in its region.  There are an average of 35 to 40 people attending Sunday worship services.  They have a language school of 160 students and are involved in various outreach ministries, such as an annual block party, a Gospel workshop, a dictation contest, Christmas and Thanksgiving outreaches, Bible studies, maintaining the church’s websites, leading weekly team meetings, and serving on the Lubin church council.

The Eagers would love to help bring those that are on the edges in Lubin to give their lives to God and come into fellowship as well as to encourage those that are sitting back in the church to become more involved initiating evangelism and discipleship and take on leadership role responsibilities.

The Lubin church is in the starting the process of planting a church in the town of Legnica.  Over the next three years, one of the goals the Eagers feel God is calling them to is to prepare the Lubin church for Paul and Carlene's departure to full-time ministry in Legnica.

The Eagers have been using various methods in evangelism / discipleship.  The Legnica church has had four baptisms and has just recently become officially independent of its “mother church”.  Land was given on which the church is building a multifunctional church building.  A building was also given to the church, and they are in the process of doing repairs.  Five rooms are completed and are being used for English lessons.  

Please pray that God would bring people to Himself – both in Lubin and Legnica.  Pray for the Eagers' transition to Legnica.  The Lubin church is involved in the two building projects, so pray that God will use these buildings for His glory.  Pray for Andrew as he gets ready to go to university and for Aaron in high school and Alaina in middle school.

Paul and Carlene Eager
ul. Poleska 16
59-300 Lubin

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