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Missions - Dye, Paul

Paul and Pat Dye

Paul and Pat Dye became acquainted with Scenic Park Bible Church in the very early 2000’s as a result of Brian Porterfield's having his plane worked on there at the New Tribes Mission Aviation (NTMA) facilities in McNeal, Arizona.  Brian invited Paul to speak at Scenic Park Church during our annual missions conference that year, and Paul, Pat, and their son Larry made an exciting first trip to Alaska.

Since that time Scenic Park has been an intricate part of the Dye’s missionary lives.  Because of NTMA policy, the Dyes had to retire as employees in the fall of 2015 when they turned seventy-five years old.  However they still continue as volunteers and NTMA members.  Paul trains NTMA students on a fill-in basis as needed.  He also works doing aircraft maintenance at the hangar with his son/boss, Larry, who is head of maintenance at the McNeal NTMA facility.

Paul continues to be of help to the widows of the community…It could be a full-time job, but Paul and Pat's Sunday morning prison ministry takes preeminence in Paul's use of time.  Last year he calculated that he spends sixteen hours a month in the Douglas Arizona Prison Complex if all goes well and there are no lock downs or storms to close down the chapel.  The Dyes are in their twentieth year in this prison ministry, and find the men to be a very captive audience to Paul's teaching.  Pat has the worship service first and plays the keyboard as they sing.

Paul and Pat attend a local church fellowship not far from NTMA and serve there when possible.  Pat enjoys helping teach in Kids Club meetings every Tuesday.  Paul and Pat have begun a Bible study with a couple from the church and pray for the salvation of the husband of the couple.

Paul was able to pass his medical to keep his license to fly.  God spared his life during a kidnapping by communist guerilla fighters in Colombia, S.A. in 1985, and he has been able to fly the Cessna 185 that God used to get him away from the guerrillas.  Paul and Larry were able to go to OshKosh, the largest air show in the USA, to represent NTMA.  Paul and Pat also took part in two NTMA expositions to inform people and churches in the Phoenix area about NTMA and the ministry they do around the world.

Paul and Pat are very thankful that they have their son Larry and his wife Kim next door, although both of Larry and Kim's children are out of the nest and out on their own.  Paul and Pat now have four grandchildren in Tucson and so get to see them occasionally!

The Dye's other two children are serving the Lord in other areas of the country.  Their daughter Lisa and her husband are ministering to the Hispanic population in Aurora, CO. and are translating chronological Bible Studies into the Spanish language for pastors to use and teach.  Paul and Pat’s youngest son, Luke, is still Senior Pastor at Whitestone Community Church in Oconomowoc, WI, and he and his wife celebrated their tenth year there.  Luke's wife suffers from much pain and so Luke not only has the care of the church but also the care of his household.  Being so far away makes it difficult for Paul and Pat to help in his situation except for prayer.

Paul and Pat are so grateful to God for their children and that they have continued to choose to walk in truth.  They have no greater joy than that!  Now they are praying for their grandchildren that they also would make wise choices to walk with God in this wicked world.

In February 2016, Paul was told by his heart doctor that he had either lymphoma or leukemia.  It was a hard blow for Paul and Pat both.  But after further blood tests, an oncologist determined that Paul has a chronic non-aggressive type of leukemia.  The doctor said that if Paul lives to be one hundred years old, he would die with it but not because of it.  At this point it is at "stage zero”.  However every six months he will have to have more blood tests to monitor it.  What blessed news that was for them!

The Dyes ask the Scenic Park Bible Church family to pray that Paul and Pat might know good health in the coming year.  Pray for their contact with the many inmates, that the Dyes can see fruit and that the inmates will desire to walk close to the Lord.  Please pray for the salvation of the people the Dyes have Bible studies and contact with each week.

Paul and Pat Dye
9314 N. Wynn Drive
McNeal, AZ 85617

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