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Missions - Dye, Larry

Larry and Kim Dye

Larry and Kim Dye serve with New Tribes Mission Aviation at the NTMA facilities in McNeal, Arizona, where Larry is the Chief Aircraft Maintenance Technician.  They have been supported by SPBC since our annual missions conference in 2001.  Since that time, the Lord has used the members of SPBC to sustain and bless the entire Dye family.  SPBC’s partnership through the many years has been a tremendous example to them of God’s love and faithfulness to the work of the Lord around the far-reaching corners of the world.  Larry and Kim look forward to a future opportunity to visit and reconnect with SPBC in person.

Larry is a third-generation missionary's kid.  Larry’s grandfather, Cecil Dye, was one who led the first group of New Tribes missionaries who went overseas to Bolivia, South America in 1942.  His grandfather Cecil was martyred in 1943 by the savage Ayore tribal people of the Choco jungle.  Larry's parents, Paul and Pat Dye, have also given their whole life in service to the Lord as missionaries with NTM.  Larry and Kim have served fifteen years in Venezuela, South America and eleven years at the NTMA training facility in McNeal.

In 1988, after graduating from New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Larry moved to Arizona to complete his A&P education at Cochise College and flight training with NTM Aviation.  Larry and Kim met in Venezuela and married in 1991.  They have two children, Alicia and Austin, who were born during their first four-year term as missionaries in Venezuela.

Larry and Kim are experiencing being ‘empty nesters’ this year.  Alicia and Austin have both moved two hours away to Tucson where there are more job opportunities.  Austin is enrolled full-time in a two-year course in Aircraft Structures and Engineering at the Pima Community College campus, located at Tucson International Airport.  Praise the Lord that Austin has a part-time job with Costco, working in the bakery in the wholesale department.  Alicia is in her senior year of college and anticipates graduating with a business degree from Grand Canyon University.

Larry enjoys being part of a team helping to train new pilots and mechanics so that NTM/Global partners, like-minded ministries, passengers, and other agencies have confidence in NTMA and will receive safe, reliable, affordable and professional flight service that effectively supports their ministries.  Larry’s willingness to get the job done and his skill-set as a certified mechanic holding an Inspector Authorization (IA) involves him in various activities including:

*  getting airplanes and helicopters ready to send to the foreign field, like two R44 Helicopters, a Cessna 206, a Cessna 182 and four turbine-powered Kodiaks.

*  repairing aircraft that NTMA uses for training on the rough gravel airstrips around Arizona that beat up the surfaces of the airplanes' aluminum skins, and the planes that get wrecked, flipped over, and/or have hard landings.

*  performing annual inspections on all the training aircraft and on the aircraft that go to the field.

*  training the students through the paperwork, the inspections, and the many other important factures of life on the mission field.  Larry trains the mechanics on the multiple mechanic issues pertinent to the type of aircraft that they will be flying and maintaining on the field.

*  traveling to other countries to help in maintenance of repairs and inspections to fields whose personal are needing a helping hand.

*  representing NTM Aviation at air shows like Sun-N-Fun, Oshkosh Air Venture, and participating in NTMA expositions around the State.

Kim has been given the role of hostess management which entails being responsible to keep the guest-house facilities clean, to coordinate and prepare the student housing, and to manage the coordination of guests wanting to use the guest house.

Larry and Kim request that we pray fervently that God would renew Larry’s vision and compassion to reach the lost heathen with the gospel who are bound by the enemy, both here and in the uttermost parts of the earth; not for just a willingness to be apart but a sincere desire to want to!

Pray that Larry and Kim might impact the lives of the people around them to seek the Lord’s desire to reach the unreached because it isn’t fair that the unreached don’t even have one chance to hear the gospel in their language and want to, while here we see many unsaved who don't want to hear what is so readily available to them.

Pray that Alicia and Austin will live a life that God can use to bring honor and glory to Himself.  Pray for encouragement for Larry as he works closely with the students, for a positive attitude and that the direction and counsel he gives would be God-honoring.  Pray for Kim that she will have strength and health as she works and for full recovery from the double hernia operation she had in December 2015.

Larry & Kim Dye
9300 N. Wynn Drive
McNeal, AZ 85617

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