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Recorded Sermons
We are offering selected sermons on this page for downloading.  A list of the available sermons appears showing All Years and All Categories.  Select the sermon you want by clicking anywhere in the gray box containing that sermon's date and title.  Click on Download in the window which pops up and displays the information for that particular sermon. 

When you download a sermon, depending on your download speed and the length of the sermon (most are about 30 minutes long), it can take 10 minutes and more.  If for some reason your download is not successful, tell our office at (907) 333-1414 and ask the secretary to mail or give you a recording of the message(s) you would like.

After the list of sermons is displayed on the screen, you can arrange them in a different order by clicking on Title or Speaker, which are the headings at the top of the list.  The initial display is in date order with the most recent sermon first.  For example, clicking on the Title heading would show the sermons in alphabetic order by title.

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A Biblical View of Time 
Lon Elliott 
Psalm 90:2 

A Cross-section of Missionary Work 
Lon Elliott 
Acts 19:8-41 

A Formula For Success - 1 
Lon Elliott 
Psalm 1 

A Formula For Success - 2 
Lon Elliott 
Psalm 1 

A Light in the Darkness 
Lon Elliott 
Isaiah 8:11 - 9:7 

A Line in the Sand 
Lon Elliott 
John 10:31-11:57 

A Man Raises a Ruckus 
Lon Elliott 
Acts 3 

A New Beginning 
Lon Elliott 
John 1 

A Preview of Jesus 
Lon Elliott 
Genesis 37-50 

A Psalm for the Sabbath 
Lon Elliott 
Psalm 92 

A Real Revival 
Lon Elliott 
Acts 19:11-20 

A Rest For God's People 
Lon Elliott 
Hebrews 4 

A Shout of Warning 
Lon Elliott 
Matthew 23:1-36 

A Slave or a Son? 
Lon Elliott 
Galatians 4:1-11 

A Special Call to Prayer 
Lon Elliott 
Ephesians 6:18 

A Stark Contrast 
Lon Elliott 
Psalm 68:3,4 

A Tight Squeeze 
Lon Elliott 
Luke 13:22-30 

A Warning 
Lon Elliott 
2 Thess. 2 

A Whole 'nother Level 
Lon Elliott 
Hebrews 9:15-28 

My Life, and Cultures Have Hooks 
Peter Pomeroy 
Acts 17:15-34 

Our Recent Work in Thailand 
Richard & Chiang Harris 

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Showing records 481 through 501.

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